"I just did my very first Boudoir shoot with Amy Maddox-Smith and I am so happy with how everything turned out!! She was amazing and walked me step by step on each pose. She has a good eye for photography and knows all the perfect and most flattering angels. I wasn't nervous at all and felt very comfortable with her. She has a HUGE closet you can use for your shoot and it is so fun playing dress up. She even has some really unique angel wings and she made sure I had time to use two sets of wings. I would highly recommend Amy for a Boudoir shoot. Book Amy if you are in the Houston area!"

"Omgoodnes! I did my boudoir session with Amy, and they turned out so amazingly beautiful!! She is so fantastic and did an amazing job at making me look and feel gorgeous! She is the best photographer, hands down!!! She walked me through every pose and instructed me in the most flattering positions. She got down with me, and helped me position myself just right for the image! She took time to listen to my concerns about what I felt was unflattering about my body. I walked out of there feeling more beautiful than I have in a really long time!She definitely has an eye for beauty 😍 I wholeheartedly recommend her!!!"

"If you are thinking of doing boudoir and considering Amy as your photographer, this is your sign to DO IT. I have always had self image problems and going into this shoot I was nervous, insecure, and terrified to see the results because I usually hate how I see myself. Amy is incredibly professional and such a genuine person that I felt comfortable after about 20 minutes of being there and had a great time during the shoot! I felt confident walking out of the shoot, but my jaw dropped and my confidence skyrocketed when she showed me my final photos. I kept saying, "There's no way that's me!" "OH. MY. GOSH." and "Wow... That's really me!". This photoshoot has been the best thing I have done for myself and will make the perfect gift for my future husband, but it's a gift that every woman should give themselves. Truly, go for it and have Amy capture you how the world sees you: a gorgeous, empowered, and fierce WOMAN. 🤩🌟 (here are just some of my photos to show off Amy's style, which I absolutely love"

Amy is amazing! I am so happy I had a boudoir session with her. Her photography talent made me feel extremely comfortable during my session and amazed me when we had the picture review. I am beyond happy with my photos and see myself booking another session in the future. Thank you Amy for helping see the beautiful figure I have.

I 100% recommend Amy for boudoir photography! She is so professional and SO FUN to work with, she made me feel super comfortable and confidant during the shoot! She is an expert at posing and coached me through each pose so I did not feel awkward at all. I am completely in LOVE with my photos! The hardest part was trying to narrow down my photos at the end, haha. I am so glad I decided to do a boudoir shoot, and that I chose Amy to do it with! I can't wait to see my future husband's face when he sees my album ;)

Had my shoot with Amy yesterday!! It was so much fun and I was completely comfortable from start to finish. Honestly, I felt like I knew Amy already from seeing all of her posts here! She is incredible at giving tips and helping you stay posed and gorgeous the entire time. You don’t even have time to think about any insecurities you might have about your body because you’re so busy with each pose and following Amy’s directions 😂. I absolutely cannot WAIT to see my pictures!!!!! I did this as a wedding gift for my fiancé, but it gave ME so much confidence it’s a gift for myself as well! On top of all that, Irina (hope I spelled that right) is an extremely talented hair and makeup artist so I know that’s going to take my photos to the next level!!

"It was really fun! Amy has a huge collection of lingerie to wear, huge wings that make pictures dramatic, and fun pretty decor all around the room. She was very encouraging, made me feel confident, and comfortable in all the outfits and poses."








"I NEVER thought I could be that sexy girl in those boudoir photos. When I say Amy can make it happen- I mean it.

One of my favorite things about this shoot was how amazing it made me feel about myself leading up to it and even after!

If you’re on the fence- do it! Don’t even hesitate!""

"I knew that for my 40th, I wanted to do a Boudoir shoot, I just didn’t know who would take it or how I would get myself to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have never modeled in my life much or felt comfortable wearing lingerie. And after having a baby I didn’t know if I would ever get my groove back. I was referred to Amy by a friend who had recently taken photos herself. I have to say that from the beginning and every interaction I’ve had with Amy was professional , prompt and pleasantly positive! From my initial inquiry Amy had it together. 
I have to tell you - WOW! The photos took my breath away because they were feminine, timeless and just beautiful. In addition, her closet is filled with so many different options and looks that are free to use during your session! 

On my shoot day, I was very nervous but after a little bit of liquid courage and Amy’s direction, I felt very comfortable. I decided to shoot at Amy’s studio and the lighting was perfect. She has different areas, furniture, floral arrangements and props. The great thing about Amy is that she asked about parts of my body that I wanted to highlight and accentuate and other parts I wanted to hide. She is expertly trained in poses that are flattering to your figure, facial expressions and style! Amy knew what she was doing. She made me feel like I belonged in front of the camera. She even had a book or guide of poses so that you can see her vision and mimic the pose. I enjoyed working with Amy & I am confident that anyone that is interested in Boudoir would be making the right decision by booking with Amy! My photos were such a hit, I ended up purchasing a majority of them. She also offers a number of options to customize your book."

"I absolutely love Amy and her work! I was definitely hesitant in doing a boudoir and beauty shoot. I’ve always wanted to do it but seemed to never be ready… I kept telling myself if only could lose weight, tone this or that. Not the case, you are always going to have excuses and never be ready! The day of my shoot I was still extremely nervous, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how I would pose. Amy made me feel comfortable, walked me through the poses/facial expressions! Both my husband and I love all of my photos!

Thank you Amy so much for making me feel beautiful and comfortable at my most vulnerable!""

"Amy is absolutely amazing! She was so easy and fun to work with. It was such a comfortable and relaxed shoot!! My boudoir photos turned out gorgeous. I fell in love with every single one of them!! "

"Amy is wonderful to work with. She has an eye for great angles and can make any look happen. She is fun and light hearted but takes her work seriously so not only is the experience fun but the photos are outstanding. "

"Amy is such an amazing person and photographer! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone searching for great quality images. She's the go-1o! "

"Amy did some amazing photos of me! I honestly can't express how much I love how these photos turned out. She really know how to get you to relax and have fun "

""Amy is the great photographer and an amazing person!
I had the opportunity to work with her to do my boudoir shoot and it was such an amazing experience.

She is the only one photographer I trust to do my boudoir pictures. It says a lot 😊

She will navigate you during the shoot, help you with poses, give you tones of wardrobe options and you will be more than happy!

"Amy is super woman when it comes to photography! She can make a real awkward person (me) look like she knows what she’s doing! ""

"So amazing and talented! I was no doubt a bit nervous to be in front of a camera like that, but she made me feel at ease with helpful tips on how to pose. If you are ever looking for a photographer I wouldn’t look much further because she is the one!  ""

"Amy is hands down one of the best boudoir photographers!!! I would 1000% recommend you try a boudoir shoot with Amy, even if the idea of it makes you feel uncomfortable. I did not want to do a boudoir shoot until I stumbled across her work! I ended up loving all of my images and had the best time with Amy!! She makes you feel super comfortable!!! Do the boudoir shoot!!!! ""

"I feel so good about myself now because of Amy's boudoir pictures of me""

"Amy was absolutely amazing to work with! I was nervous at first but after a few minutes I was calm and relaxed! I had a fantastic time! Amy went through the items I brought and helped me choose what would be best! Then we went through her extensive items! I had so much fun! She made me feel special and helped me do great poses!! I will definitely do this again with Amy!!"

"Look no further than Amy Maddox for all of your photography needs. I booked Amy as my wedding photographer and it was the best decision I made during the whole wedding planing process. 
Amy did our engagement photos, my bridals and boudoir, and all of our wedding photos. First of all, my fiancé and I were very nervous for our engagement photos for fear of being unphotogenic and not knowing how to pose. Amy coached us the entire time with how to pose and what to do with our faces, where to look, and how to act for the perfect photo. Our photos could have never looked like that without her coaching.
 By far my favorite photo session with her was my boudoir. Again, she coached me exactly on how to pose and what to do with my facial expressions. If you are thinking about booking boudoir with her DO IT. It is such a great experience overall and she is the perfect person to capture it. Amy has such a great personality and it so fun and easy to work with. She will definitely put you as ease if you’re nervous about being in front of a camera."

Throughout the shoot Amy was very encouraging and said how gorgeous I was and it made me feel so good and comfortable. When I got my images back, it almost brought me to tears because I was so happy with how they turned out. When I saw the gallery preview I thought “that can’t be me” but it was. I kept thinking “is this what I really look like?” and “is this how my husband sees me?”. Of course he tells me all the time that I’m beautiful and sexy, but seeing the images almost solidified that for me. Like, I would’ve married me too if I were him, haha! I have always been pretty confident, but seeing myself this way takes it to the next level. Of course I have my insecurities, but they melt away when I look through my gallery. I would 1000% do it again, and I recommend it to everyone and anyone who hasn’t done it with her. I can’t wait to see my husband’s reaction when I give him the album." 

"My session with Amy was more valuable than a year's worth of therapy." 

""I booked a boudoir shoot for my 40th birthday. I was extremely nervous, although I've done it once years ago. After much (MUCH) research through social media, I stumbled upon Amy Maddox Photography. I saw that she has an amazing reputation and is literally the best of the best. 
It rained the day of my scheduled session, and Amy suggested I rescheduled to get the best of the best, but she left it entirely up to me. I'm so glad I listened to her suggestion because the rescheduled date turned out to be a beautiful day, and gave me the look I wanted in my photos. 
Amy made me feel so comfortable. She definitely knows her angles!! I left her studio feeling so good about myself..confident and sexy. It's something I will cherish forever.
This photoshoot was not just a photoshoot. It was an experience that I’ll never forget! Turning 40 and being a mommy of two girls - I kind of forgot who I was. Thank you Amy for helping me feel young again!""


















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